Recent advances in Interventional Techniques

Exciting advancements have been developed in the Interventional Cardiology Treatment procedures recently. Fractional Flow reserve (FFR) is a guide wire based procedure which is utilized to measure the blood pressure accurately and also to measure the blood flow through a specific part of the coronary artery. Stenting procedure has been modified from Bare Metal Stents to Drug-Eluting Stents and has advanced to Absorbable Stent. The Cardiac Imaging techniques has been upgraded especially in,

        i.            3-Dimensional imaging of Echocardiography

      ii.            Computed Tomography

    iii.            Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    iv.            Cineangiography

The limitations inherent to percutaneous access is overthrown by the hybrid approach. Furthermore expansions are made in the application of endovascular therapies.

  • Track 1-1 • Lesions
  • Track 2-2 • Percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation
  • Track 3-3 • Pediatric Cardiac Interventions

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